Wholistic Fitness

** Sessions are only available online. **

Rachel Cassidy, MS, CES, CPT, FNS, SFS, GFS, holds a Masters in Applied Exercise Science and a Bachelor’s in Sports and Health Science. She is a NASM Certified as a Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Golf Fitness Specialist (GFS) and Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS). She is also AFAA Certified as a Group Exercise Instructor. Rachel has been working in the field of energy medicine for more than two years.

Wholistic Fitness is our term for various modes of approach that gently return the body to a normal, healthy, functional state. Rachel offers sessions in functional fitness, tension release and trauma yoga release.
When signing up for these sessions, please indicate which area is your intentional primary focus. As everyone has different specific needs, all sessions are personalized for our client’s individual needs and may sometimes use movements and exercises from any combination of these types. Energy work is incorporated into all sessions.

Functional Fitness sessions are geared toward those coming back to fitness after experiencing illness, those whose lifestyle has them sitting a lot, and those experiencing pain or movement issues in everyday life. Sessions will be mat-based for postural muscles, include balance work, and end with flexibility training through stretching. 

Tension Release sessions are suitable for anyone who lives a stressful life and finds it difficult to slow down. Sessions include gentle movement through stretching for the whole body, from head to toe, relaxation through breathing work and ends with a guided tension release. 

Trauma Yoga Release sessions are for anyone that is currently working to heal physical or emotional trauma or those couples that want to work together to heal a relationship. Trauma release is accomplished through slow stretching, breath work, and holding releasing yoga poses specifically created to work on releasing those emotions associated with personal trauma.

Initial assessments and sessions following are for 45 minutes. Each session is $79.00. Packages can be purchased for a discounted amount.

Individual Session: $79.00
Package of 2 Sessions: $150.10
Package of 4 Sessions: $284.40

You can schedule an appointment by calling or texting (502) 973-6964, emailing us at SoulWorksSuite7@gmail.com or by using the Mindbody App to book online.