Understanding the Emotional Journey in Healing Lyme Disease

Article Written by Wendy Apple,
in full remission from Lyme Disease and co-infections


As people with long-standing chronic disease we recognize that there is a vast array of healing modalities. Most people start with conventional aggressive Western medicine – though we’ve learned through trial and error that few people fully heal this way. (And many of us do long-term physical harm to our digestive system with oral and IV antibiotics.)

Once that course is abandoned many of us move on to more natural or holistic treatments. Often through these treatments – the same ones that our old selves might have called crazy – we find some level of healing and symptom relief. Again though – we know few people who can truly call themselves fully healed from even years of these alternative treatments.

Energy Medicine is a different approach. It is certainly NOT conventional Western medical treatment and might even be on the wackier fringe of “crazy alternative treatment” for most of us. This feeling that it may be too crazy makes it difficult to justify to friends and family. But as my own very logical and skeptical husband said, “I don’t know how or why it works, but I’ll take the win.”

One thing I’ve learned both through Energy Healing and through my own recovery is that Lyme and coinfections are not simply bacterial and/or viral infections. Once these diseases take hold they hijack our emotional life – our very psyche. The illness of our body eventually also becomes the illness of our mind. (Many of us first become aware of the mental aspect of Lyme Disease when we sabotage our own healing journey by beginning to wonder if we really are sick!)

Energy Medicine has the distinct advantage over other treatments in that it heals both the mind and body. This facilitates full and complete healing.

Healing the body is a relatively straightforward process. Most of the journey includes aches, pains, and exhaustion that we are already familiar with.

Healing our emotional selves is more difficult. This journey will likely take us places we’d prefer not to revisit. It may open old wounds – wounds that may never have healed but that we’ve learned to work around. We may have to see our own culpability in our diseases or face pain we caused. The beauty of Energy Medicine is that it gives the patient a safe space to see and feel all of this. Once these emotions are unlocked we are quickly healed. I won’t sugar coat it. This hurts! But once emotional pain is healed the feelings of love, healing, expansion, forgiveness, and beauty in the world will astound you!

Compared to every other Lyme treatment I have tried or am familiar with, Energy Medicine is the fastest, least expensive, and only fully effective treatment. And here’s an advantage you don’t often hear with other treatments: NO HERXING!

I thought about going to see Wendy for several years before I actually went. I don’t know precisely why I waited. Probably the same reasons you’re waiting: it was a leap of faith I wasn’t ready for, making and keeping appointments was a big challenge, I kept hoping the other more “acceptable” treatments would finally work, I had become comfortable in my illness, or I prefer things that can be easily understood and explained. Whatever the actual reason, I’m a little sad that I wasted those years being sick. What I do believe now is that when you’re ready to heal – really READY to heal – the facility for healing will present itself.

Wendy Schoeppner – Soul Works – has the ability to completely heal you and your family of Lyme Disease and coinfections. To make you a whole, healthy, and productive member of society again. Are you ready to heal?