“I got my life back.  For two years before I met Wendy, my life was doctor’s appointments and I  was home-bound.  I was not able to work.  My life became television and a recliner.  It was horrible.  After I started sessions with Wendy, my energy started to build and the pain started to subside.  Eventually, I started to venture out more with friends, going to the movies and to the grocery.  I realized I was feeling much, much better.  Then, daily life wasn’t so difficult and became enjoyable again.  Now, after a four-year struggle and working with Wendy for nine months, I’m back at work and putting my life together again.  Thank you!  It could have never happened without Wendy.  I’m positive of that.  Thank you! “

– Teresa W., Lyme Disease Client

“What does one say about the person who not only changed your life but LITERALLY saved your life?!? I was a life-long sufferer of anxiety and depression.  After decades of talk therapy and medication, I was managing.  But I KNEW life could be better.  Better than managing the underlying, weighted melancholy that would paralyze me at times.  Better than just keeping an eye on the untamable “black dog” of depression that always lurks, waiting to pounce.  This “better” quality that seemed out of my reach is what led me to see Wendy. Wendy was kind, open, and completely non-judgmental. I felt safe, as well as safe-guarded. Wendy is the real deal. I am forever grateful for her.”

– Jenny C.

“Thank you for taking my bad dreams away!”

– Jasmine H., Four-year-old client
From her mom: At four, no child should have daily nightmares enough that they don’t want to go to sleep. I can’t thank you enough for helping her. My recovery is one thing (thank you so much for that), but as a mom, I’d give it all up to protect my kids, even from nightmares. I can’t explain exactly how what you do works, but I am so grateful that my family has benefited from your gift!
– Laura H.

“I had a fire door fall on me in 1992.  I was treated, but after my rehab I was still in a lot of pain when I went back to work.  I had to eventually quit my job.  When the doctor says, ‘wear a neck brace and take 15 minute breaks every hour and prescribes 800 mgs of Ibuprofen’, you know you’re in trouble.  I heard about Wendy from a friend and even felt complete relief from my back pain after the first visit.  It took a few more sessions, but now all my hip pain is gone and I realized even some of my emotional pain.  Now after over twenty years, I am pain free!  Yay!”

– Mona O., Chronic Pain Client

“I’ve been coming to meditation with Wendy for seven months.  I feel in excellent shape every time I leave, both physically and emotionally.  I highly recommend it!  (Please try Wendy’s classes.  You will get excellent results.)”

– Ron S., Gilda’s Club Member

“Wendy’s meditations have helped me through some very difficult things in the past few months.  I look forward to them every week.”

– Linda M., Gilda’s Club Member

Wendy has done so much for my stalled disease recovery. We’ve passed unimaginable health goals. She is so gifted, it’s just amazing. I never thought that energy work would be the deciding factor in my recovery. Working with Wendy has truly changed my life and is helping me to become the person I always wanted to be. Thanks so very much 🙂 ”

– Anne G., Lyme Disease Client

My name is Barbara Palmer and I am 64 years old.  I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to the liver.  Needless to say, this has been a very frightening path to walk along with my family.  I met Wendy through another friend from my work a few months after being diagnosed.  She has helped me increase my level of positive thinking which is hard to maintain after this diagnosis.  Certainly, I also receive reassurance from my pastor and family, but Wendy provides another level of closeness that has developed to help me vent my feelings of frustration and fear.  She is very comfortable to be with and to discuss feelings one may not even wish to discuss with family due to not wanting to give them additional worry.  Wendy also helps me relax and offers relief from anxiety, tension and overall discomforts from the chemotherapy and physical symptoms I experience.  Following our session, I experience a feeling of positive energy, relaxation, calmness, and reassurance.  Her treatments always leave me with a positive outcome.”

–  Barbara P., Stage IV Cancer Client

“The proof is in the pudding.”
– Ken S. (Wendy’s dad and skeptic), Chronic Sufferer of Headaches since 1998, now in remission