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Reiki Healing Touch Meditaiton OnlinePersonal Healing Session:
In-Person Individual Session
♦  Online Individual Session
♦  Personal Balance Session (In-Person / Online)

Meditation Classes
In-Person General Healing Meditation
Online General Healing Meditation
Child Energy Healing Meditation (Ages 6-11)
Teen Energy Healing Meditation (Ages 12-15 )
Online Personal Balance Meditation

20180120_112941Healing Technique Classes for Specific Conditions
(Including but not limited to: Relationship Issues, Grief, Addiction, Chronic Disease/Pain, Anxiety, Depression)

Introduction to Energy Medicine for Self-Healing

♦ Energy Medicine Basics for Beginners
♦ Energy Awakening and Support Class

Community Outreach:
♦  Meditations

20181231_174312Scheduled Community Events