Sara Gerdes, Ph.D.

I spent much of my life in California learning about the biological sciences.  I earned a B.S. degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from California State University Stanislaus. I went on to earn a Ph.D. in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics from University of California, Los Angeles.  My thesis work focused on the genetic mechanisms responsible for bacterial communication and biofilm formation.  Since leaving academics I have worked as a microbiologist in several laboratories doing biotechnology research and manufacturing quality control.

In 2010 I experienced some major life changes including the birth of my amazing daughter and a very scary medical diagnosis for myself.  As I got accustomed to my new role of mother and recovered medically, I found myself balancing traditional medicine with more natural, gentle approaches to wellness. During this time, I trained in the use of essential oils for both physical and emotional concerns.

After living in Hawaii and Colorado for my husband’s career, we made one final move (hopefully!) to Louisville in 2018.  My husband, daughter and I are enjoying seeing the sights in Kentucky and are starting to feel at home here.  We love how much nature is close to the city and we enjoy hiking by the local creeks.

I have now refocused my career on energy medicine.  In particular I am interested in how our emotional, physical and energetic health are intertwined.  I feel very lucky to have started training in energy medicine with Wendy Schoeppner in late 2018.  I have completed her classes: Energy Medicine Basics for Beginners and Introduction to Energy Medicine for Self-Healing.  I co-teach her Healing Meditation classes. I am Reiki trained and am a certified practitioner of Emotion Code energy healing.  Emotion Code is a method used to identify and release emotions that have become energetically trapped in the body. This “emotional baggage” that we all accumulate as we move through life interferes with the healthy energetic pathways in our bodies and can cause emotional distress, physical pain, and disease.

I can help with a wide array of concerns including anxiety, depression, poor digestion, skin issues, sore joints, headaches, lack of success in relationships and career, and more.  I am aslo able to assist clients with healing from chronic disease such as Lyme, Epstein-Bar virus, fatigue and brain fog.  I’m honored to use my skills to help my clients lead happier, healthier lives.