Radical Change: Grow into your Best Self

Radical Change Flow Energy Healing ReikiAre you missing something in your life? Ready to make changes to find the new you? In this two-hour class, learn how to break your bad habits.   Gain insights to understand your behaviors, their emotional roots, and create new rituals that inspire greater happiness and self-confidence. This class is designed to help you identify and modify patterns in your life. Learn breath-work techniques, basic principles in energy healing and mindfully explore your behavior patterns and their root cause. Develop skills to solidify and sustain new patterns for your radical transformation and growth.  Come join us and invent your new best self!

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Dates:  Friday, March 29th
Time:  6:30-8:30 pm
Available:  In-person & Online

Cost:  $45

Location:  SoulWorks, LLC, 6001 Claymont Village Dr., Ste 7, Crestwood

Taught by: Wendy Schoeppner & Barrett Freibert

Learn more about Barrett at https://www.barrettfreibert.com/

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