Rachel Cassidy, MS

My name is Rachel.  I’m a theatre nerd, musician, a story teller, reader, golfer, builder of community, holder of space, and a fixer. I’ve been married for almost 19 years to my husband who just retired from flying jets for the Navy.  I’m a mom of two. 

Desiring to facilitate freedom and complete health and wellness in people has been something I have been passionate about since I was young.  I’ve been a part of the health, wellness, and fitness industries for over 20 years.  My interest has always been in supporting the whole person… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  That is how I have approached working with my clients throughout my career.  Each one has a ripple effect on the others and all are important.  It’s my desire for people to heal in a way that allows them to live their lives from a space of whole health, full freedom, and complete wellness. 

Physical and emotional trauma can get stuck in our bodies.  This can cause us to live in a place of incomplete wholeness.  This not only affects our emotional and mental health, but impacts our physical health as well, opening us up to physical discomfort, potential injury, or illnesses.  I use physical and energy work  to help support people in releasing these trapped emotions or trauma in a way that allows them to live, completely, from a place of love and hope.  This can help improve physical symptoms a person may have lived with for years with no explanation.  It can help bring joy back into relationships, create new confidence and provide freedom for self-expression. All of these, in turn, allows us to live a lifestyle by fully embracing new opportunities with less reservation, building confidence to walk into auditions, interviews, parties, or other spaces expressing our true selves, having a fuller understanding of exponential value and worth while leaving behind things that hold us back.  We are all worth having wellness.  I’m thrilled to join this beautiful team at SoulWorks and look forward to supporting you.

Injury prevention for performing artists

Emotional and Tension Release

Yin Yoga for Trauma Release

MS in Applied Exercise Science; Human Movement concentration, corrective exercise, injury prevention

BS in Sports and Health Science,concentration in exercise science

NASM Certified:Personal Trainer (CPT)Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) Golf Fitness Specialist (GFS) Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)

Centre of Excellence Certificate Diploma Alexander Technique (in progress)

Brookbush Institute Human Movement Specialist Certification (in progress)

AFAA Certified:  Group Exercise Instructor 

Continuing Education
Nutrition Fundamentals, Eating Disorders, Stress Management, Practical Pilates, Practical Yoga, Special Populations (specialization older adults and those with injuries), Prenatal Fitness, Aqua Fitness, Holy Yoga Touch, Leadership Training