Personal Healing Session

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What to Bring to your First Personal Session:
In advance, think about what you would like practitioners to address in your personal session.  It is helpful to bring a list (mental or written) of medical history and background for any pSoulWorks Reiki Hands on Healing Reception-140hysical or emotional discomforts or disease.   If you are coming for a personal balance session, you need to just bring yourself and be prepared for deep relaxation.

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What to Wear for your Personal Session:
You will want to wear comfortable, non-binding clothing.  We will ask you to take your shoes off (if you feel comfortable with it).  So, wearing comfortable socks is a bonus.

What to Expect in a Typical Healing Session
You will be asked to lay down or to sit on a massage table facing the practitioner.

The session will start by both you and the practitioner taking several deep breaths while closing your SoulWorks 71 Energy Faith Healing Meditation Treatmenteyes.  The practitioner will open the session in silent prayer and affirmation.  During this time, the practitioner will be able to get a sense of your energy and the areas that are of most concern.

Immediately to foSoulWorks 94 Nicole Wood Faith Reiki Energy Meditation Healing Sessionllow, the practitioner will generate a mental image of your energy body by placing her hands on the top of your head or the bottom of your feet.   During this time, it will be possible to see any blocked areas or other energy issues that can be addressed.In-Body Chakras for Patient Chart

Practitioners will then guide your energy flow, while assisting you to do the same.  Certain hand positions will aid in the movement of this flow carrying unwanted energy out of the body while promoting relief and relaxation.

Areas of balance include the top of the head:

SoulWorks 117 Healing Touch Reiki Energy Body Faith Healing SoulWorks 74 Wendy Schoeppner Faith Energy Reiki Healing Session SoulWorks 56 Personal Healing Session Energy Reiki Nicole Wood Meditation SoulWorks 61 Nicole Wood Faith Healing Energy Personal Session Meditation

Throat and Shoulders:

SoulWorks 83 Faith Energy Healing Reiki Meditaiton Session Wendy Schoeppner SoulWorks, LLC-36 Reiki Energy Healing Personal Session

Chest, Arms, and Hands:

SoulWorks 65 Personal Energy Healing Reiki SessionSoulWorks 76 Personal Energy Reiki Faith Healing Meditation Session Wendy SchoeppnerSoulWorks, LLC 122 Nicole Wood Faith Energy Reiki Treatment Session Meditation SoulWorks, LLC 105 Personal Healing Reiki Energy Faith Meditation Session

Trunk of the Body:

SoulWorks, LLC 109 Wendy Schoeppner Faith Energy Healing Meditation SoulWorks 80 Personal Healing Session Energy Reiki Meditation FaithSoulWorks-44 Faith Healing Reiki Personal Session Meditation

Legs and Feet:

SoulWorks 79 Wendy Schoeppner Faith Energy Reiki Healing Session Meditation SoulWorks 110 Personal Healing Reiki Faith Energy Session Meditation Wendy Schoeppner SoulWorks, LLC 130 Reiki Energy Faith Healing Personal Treatment Care Meditation Wendy SchoeppnerSoulWorks 87 Reiki Enegy Faith Healing Meditaiton Personal Session Nicole WoodSoulWorks, LLC-128 Personal Treatment Session Reiki Energy Healing Faith Meditation Wendy Schoeppner

At the end of the session, the practitioner will close out in prayer and affirmation in much the same way she started the session.  Then, you will get a list of recommendations for after-care maintenance and for keeping the energy in balance for self-care and continued comfort.

What to Expect after your Personal Session:
You will need to drink LOTS of water after your session to flush out the physical body.  If you are coming for care of an advanced stage or chronic disease, you will likely need lots of rest after the session.  Since we are moving a lot around in the energy, the physical body will needs lots of rest to adapt to the changes.  This is part of the healing process for the physical body and is usually only experienced during the first few sessions.  If you are coming for a personal balance, prepare to just feel well and very relaxed.

We look forward to seeing you for your personal session!  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call/text, Wendy, at 502-528-7130 or email us at