Online Personal Healing Session

Online sessions follow the same format as in-person sessions, except they are conducted via an online (hippa compliant) video conferencing system.   Healing is facilitated through a practitioner’s intent.  While “healing touch” is utilized for in-person sessions, this technique is not necessary Healing Reiki Meditation Bonsai Treeto assist in a client’s personal growth and physical recovery.  Lead Practitioner and founder, Wendy Schoeppner, facilitated her first healing session via phone in early 2014.  Later in 2016, she worked with a client 2,300 miles away via the internet.  Online personal sessions are modeled after her in-person sessions, and the results are identical.  Remote healing is one way to fit personal healing needs into a fast and busy lifestyle and are appropriate for those who cannot leave their homes.

For the past nine months, Wendy worked aggressively to convert her home office to a favorable atmosphere to work with clients worldwide.  Her Healing Meditation Online Reiki Roomoffice needs some art on the walls (still in the selection phase) and several more bonsai trees (for grounding), but beginning September 2016, she will be available for your online session.

For more information or to better determine if an online, remote healing session, is appropriate for you, please contact or call/text 502-528-7130.