Lyme Testimonials

lyme-disease-awareness-ribbon-smallMy journey with Lyme and company began 18 years ago. My first blessing and angel to help me on this journey was my HMO doctor who had only seen me 2 other times. He recognized my symptoms as Lyme Disease and started me on antibiotics immediately and kept me on them even when the labs came back negative over and over again. I’m so thankful he is still my PCP and I have a doctor who listens to me and helps me along the way.Three years later my next angel was my LLMD, who tried every treatment available to help me. There was no improvement, in fact I was becoming more and more ill and disabled despite the antibiotics. Crying and begging for mercy, my Lord lead me to a rife machine here in Louisville, Ky within 3 days. So began my journey outside of Western Medicine and into the alternative world. My LLMD even agreed with my decision to stop antibiotics and try rife.

Over the years I was blessed with so many angels who were put in my path from a naturopathic doctor, a voodoo chiropractor, health healers that did lymph drainage, massage, Reiki, myofascial release, cranial sacral, mental health counseling. All of them served a purpose in helping me in my journey. I came to realize Lyme & Co is not just a physical illness. It had effected me on a much deeper level. I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually effected deeply also.

Into my life steps my next angel of healing, Wendy Schoeppner and she is an Energy Healer. I had no clue what an Energy Healer is? I remember hoping that she could get into the deepest part of this illness. Within just a few sessions I realized this was what was needed for the very soul of my being, in order to remove the heaviest burdens of this illness. I’ve seen her 2 sessions a month for the last 6 months. What a huge weight to be lifted from my being. Day in and day out I’m learning through prayer, affirmations and understanding my energy body. I’m having success fighting off the illness in all ways both physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. With Wendy’s help and guidance….I’m now in control of my path to wellness.  Thanks be to God for all my blessings along this long journey.

—  Pam H., Co-Founder of Lyme Support Group,



Working with Wendy was absolutely amazing. She has the type of personality that immediately puts you at ease. I consider myself one of the lucky Lyme patients because my Lyme went to my joints instead of my heart or my brain but I was still in constant all over pain. I got Lyme in my spine but I also have failed back surgery fusion and deal with constant pain from that plus have a noticeable limp. I could barely walk and when I would, have to drag my body to a session (literally my right leg would drag). My pain level would be at a 8-10. I would leave her office without dragging my leg and zero pain. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced.

When I got a severe spinal headache from a medical procedure and a blood clot in my brain, I was extremely sick for a couple weeks. I wasn’t doing any sessions during that time. Wendy was sweet enough to come to my house and do a session there. I hadn’t barely eaten in two weeks but she restored my appetite. My pain level was about an 8 and it was a zero when she left. That was the time I needed her most because that was when I was the sickest.

I am grateful for her physical healing because I hate living in constant pain but more significant to me was the feeling of spiritual peace she brought. Each session I left her feeling like a huge emotional boulder had been lifted off me. Working with Wendy worked better for me than talk therapy and physical therapy combined. At my first session, she told me, “This is gonna be a little fufu. Just get on the fufu train and take a ride.” Two things: 1) I do not think what she does is fufu at all. 2) I am so glad I went for a ride on that fufu train.

In essence, (because I keep finding my mind going, “remember that one time with Wendy and/or that one time when Wendy? *SO MANY STORIES/MEMORIES*), I’ll close with this: It is ok to be a little skeptical at first, but if you’ll just sit back and let her work, Wendy can make you a not only a believer in what she does, but also a benefactor of what she does.

Peace and love,  Laura