Energy Stillness Classes

Everyone is welcome! This class is developed for ongoing support for those who want to continue to learn more about energy medicine, for those who want to develop and enhance their intuitive gifts (we all have them) and for beginners who want to initiate their energetic insight and journey.

Classes will be twice a week. Each class will include instruction on an energy medicine concept.  All classes also include a stillness (meditation) exercise that uses that concept and that develops interpersonal insight.  Each class will end with time for questions and answers.

For those who completed the Energy Medicine Basics for Beginners workshop, there is a two-hour workshop at the end of this class series that builds on previous instruction. 

This class is designed for attendance flexibility. You may register for all 12 classes as a package and attend as many as you like (or attend all twelve) or purchase the classes as you go. You will not need information from prior Energy Wellness and Stillness classes to attend any class topic(s) that you choose. 

12 (Twelve) 50-Minute Classes – $200 – Register
1 (Single) 50-Minute Classes – $30 – Register

Classes + Workshop
(Completion of Energy Medicine Basics for Beginners Required)
12 (Twelve) 50-Minute Classes & 2-Hour Saturday Workshop – $275 – Register

Workshop Only
(Completion of Energy Medicine Basics for Beginners Required)
2-Hour Saturday Workshop Only – $135 – Register

Bonus: Register a second family member in the household (and/or who has not previously attend a workshop at SoulWorks) for half price. Limit 1. Contact us directly for this discount.

Location: Online Only

Facilitators: Wendy Schoeppner, CEO/Founder & Sara Gerdes, PhD, Emotion Code & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dates/Class Description:

Mondays 7:00 PM EST & Saturday 9:00 AM EST
Workshop 9:00-11:00 AM EST

1) Establishing a Strong Connection to Source (Wendy, Mon 6/15)

2) Earth Chakras (Sara, Sat 6/20)               

3) Source Chakras (Wendy, Mon 6/22)

4) Heart Charka – Heart (Lung) Meridian (Sara, Sat 6/27)

5) Earth / Source Grounding (Wendy, Mon 6/29)


6) Core / Spinal / Aura Flushes (Wendy, Mon 7/13)

7) Sacral Charka – Gallbladder Meridian (Sara, Sat 7/18)

8) Solar Plexus – Liver Meridian (Sara, Mon 7/20)

9) Throat Charka – Stomach Meridians (Sara, Sat 7/25)

10) Forehead Chakra – Initiating Intuitive Guidance (Sara, Mon 7/27)

11) Intuitive Application of Earth Chakras (Wendy, Mon 8/3)

12) Intuitive Application of Source Chakras (Wendy, Friday 8/7) – NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE. – Class will be held at 7:00 PM EST on Friday evening.

Workshop (Wendy, Sara, Sat 8/8) – 9:00-11:00 AM EST

— Minimum of 10 registrations. Class capacity around 20.