Energy Medicine for Lyme Treatment

Oftentimes we approach our physical disease state through the eyes of others. I found that people living with Lyme disease, in general, have a more precise connection with their disease and its co-infections. In these instances, those living with Lyme have a more intimate understanding that their disease is separate from them, from who they are and from the life they want to be living. Because of this understanding, the platform for using energy medicine is already built.

Throughout history, in different cultures and social times (including modern day), people have been aware that there is something more that exists than just us. We have intuitive flashes, gut instincts and coincidences that go beyond practical thinking. This includes experiences with our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Energy medicine works on the premise that we all have an unseen essence that moves around and through us. This essence (or energy) reflects everything that we are, including our tribulations, our disease. I spent three years (and still am learning new techniques, ongoing) about how to approach Lyme disease and co-infections to remove them from an energy body.

When we cleanse this disease from our essence (or energy self), it frees up our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to heal. This is not a simple process, and it is not for everyone. If you are living with Lyme and truly believe that you can heal, are ready to take command of your own essence. If you are ready to take a path in healing where you are in control (must be in control) and want to address what you know exists in your energy. If you are ready. Truly ready. We are privileged to be your guides.