Historical Foundation of Energy Healing and Today

 “…the force which flows from many people’s hands…”  – Hippocrates, 460-377 BC

“Develop from the heart, meditate on love, live love, absorb love, give love, and your soul will become alight. The divine magic will rest in your hands enabling you to heal the sick, to comfort the bereaved, to bless the sorrowful, to beautify everything you touch, and to bring peace and happiness to the life of man.”  – Heal Thyself by White Eagle

“Each one of us is merely a small instrument. When you look at the inner workings of electrical things, you often see small and big wires, new and old, cheap and expensive lined up. Until the current passes through them there will be no light. That wire is you and me. The current is God.”  – No Greater Love by Mother Teresa

Historical Foundation of Energy Healing and Today

Throughout time, there are references to healing medicine. It stretches as far back as the Pyrenees’ cave paintings from 15,000 years ago. Chinese records for healing with “laying of the hands” date from 2500 – 5000 BC. Healing touch was practiced by ancient Egyptians from 2700 BC and was also recorded in Greek manuscripts dating from 400 BC.

Eastern medicine has had a significant foundation in energy medicine throughout
its Glass Display history, and does even today. This focus is also shared byNative American shamans, Hawaiian kahunas, the Mayans of Central America and natives of Peruvian, Belizean and Costa Rica jungles. The Aborigines of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania also have similar rituals and insight in energy medicine and healing.

Healing touch was phased out in Western culture with the rise of strict Puritan principles and with the introduction to modern medicine. Medical science has a strong influence in industrialized countries today, where people have access to routine medical care, advanced diagnostics and functional tests that instantly define our body’s constitution.

During the development of treating physical health, a movement in psychology and understanding mental health emerged. Out of this came hospitals and treatment facilities, not unlike those that already existed for treating the human body. Over time, rehabilitation clinics, outpatient facilities and home health agencies appeared to treat a myriad of different diseases and illnesses.

While the Western world has now become very adept at identifying medical diagnoses and offering a number of viable treatment options, it sometimes falls short of actual cures. In many instances, it has become a diagnostic tool with little success in treatment outcomes. There are circumstances where we are dumbfounded by the idea that an issue cannot be addressed by modern medicine. We can easily become baffled when our doctors tell us one thing and our body and emotions say another.

Due to these scenarios, yin yangpeople are now looking for alternative health options for treatment and care. With that, energy medicine has made its way back into the Western culture. Today, it is incorporated in a plethora of medical treatment facilities such as hospitals, cancer clinics, addictions units and many more. This healing practice can also be engaged by a person individually through research and exploration or by seeking treatment from a practitioner trained in the area of healing touch and energy medicine.

It is during this time, those of us in the modern Western world are beginning to acknowledge there is something outside our accepted science that connects us, that energizes us and that can make us well again. In our changing idealism, we begin to recognize that there could be something greater than us that modern science and medicine cannot yet explain. We begin to sense the current flowing inside our wires and that healing can also come from within and sometimes has to in order for us to heal and advance in our own lives and happiness.

In many ways, we have gone back to the beginning and have picked up from where we started. This time, we have more knowledge and are capable of understanding the inner working of those wires and that current in a way that has never been approached before.

Article & Copyright Wendy Schoeppner October 2014

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