Energy Awakening and Support Class

Reiki Cords Relationship Energy HealingThis class inspires advanced level students to continue their growth in exploring and experiencing high vibrational energy change.  Instructor, Wendy Schoeppner, will provide structure to give students support and direction in their own life journey, both individually and as a group.  Topics are selected in advance by the group, but will also include exploration into Chakras 9-12, Akashic  Records, evaluating daily life events with symbolic meaning and understanding energy deposits/flow while determining their meanings.   This class is by invitation only.  Classes are stand alone.  They do not build on one another.

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Time:  6:30-7:30 pm

Cost: $30 (Offered In-Person & Online)

Location:  SoulWorks, LLC, 6001 Claymont Village Dr., Ste 7, Crestwood & Online