A Note from our Founder

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A Note from our Founder:

When I tell people I work with the energy body, the most frequent responses are either skepticism or extreme interest and fascination (polar opposites). I am a Reiki Master, Oneness Blesser (Hindu), participated in a Native American sweat lodge, am well versed in hands-on-healing techniques and spent time in seminary working on my Master’s in Ministry.  All of these experiences strengthened my faith and inspired crucial insight into the meaning behind our existence. It is my belief that there is one Source, which we all describe differently depending on our social/cultural environment, personal experiences and our exposure to the outside world.  Energy healing is possible as we are all connected to this Source (of energy).

I am the fourth generation in my family to be diagnosed with a troublesome auto-immune disease.  After my second son was  born, I experienced paralysis in my legs and profound lethargy that lasted for several years.  Through my own perseverance and my desire to help others, I stumbled across what I believe to be universal laws.  It is my belief that science is only beginning to understand these universal laws that come from a Divine Source of creation set in place since the beginning of time. It is with the use of these universal laws that I facilitate healing.

I spent much of my youth as an atheist/agnostic. My life experience taught me to stretch my understanding to believe that are modalities for healing that we don’t fully understand, but that can help us heal.  The divine guidance I gained in praWendy Schoeppner Reiki Healing Energy Treatment Sessionyer and meditation through my own healing journey and guiding others through theirs led me to better understand this Source and how to use it to facilitate healing.

Hands on healing dates back to prehistoric times and appears in a number of historical texts across the globe. Soul Works - Wendy Schoeppner Meditation WorkshopWhile we are only beginning to learn the value in this type of healing modality, it has already proven to be quite useful. In fact, the majority of metropolitan hospitals employ energy healers, as well as cancer institutes, psychiatric clinics and addiction centers to just name a few. As a complement to Western Medicine, energy healing presents a different approach to understand and address disease.

In short, I facilitate healing through an energy body that exists because of a Divine Source. I work within the framework of each person’s perception of the world and belief system easily as I have practiced everything from atheism to becoming a minister.  Results are generally dependent on a person’s desire to heal and through a belief that healing is truly possible.  Energy healing is not for everyone, but it does work for many.  When it comes to focusing on our health needs, my suggestion is always to entertain every possible avenue for complete wellness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Wendy Schoeppner, Founder