“I got my lifeSoulWorks 82 Energy Healing Meditaiton Class Reiki back….  Now, after a four-year struggle, I’m back at work and putting my life together again.  Thank you!  It could have never happened without Wendy.  I’m positive of that.  Thank you!” read moreTeresa W., Lyme Disease Client


Energy healing addresses physical, emotional, social and spiritual discomfort through an unseen but always present life source that exists around and through our physical bodies. Practitioners engage with the flow of this source to inspire physical disease and discomfort to heal, emotional pain to cease, social situations to transform and for spiritual vibrancy and security to strengthen.

The practitioners at SoulWorks, LLC work with the energy body to influence and adjust its patterns of flow for emotional, physical and social growth and recovery. In our ninety-minute individual personal healing sessions, we work with people in all areas from chronic disease to personal balance and comfort.  We have experience in working with clients living with cancer, chronic pain, headSoulWorks LLC-39 Personal Energy Reiki Healing Sessionaches, deafness, emotional turmoil, neuropathy, heart disease, autoimmune disease, relationship issues and others.  We also focus in areas for pain management and comfort.  Our practice builds on the idea that everyone has a natural right to live a whole and happy life free from pain and suffering.

We offer a variety of services to support your individual journey in healing as well as meditations, technique classes and workshops to teach you about the basics in self-healing techniques using the energy body.  Join our Facebook group to interact and get tips from our founder, Wendy Schoeppner.


A Note from our Founder:  Basics of How Energy Healing Works